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This wasn't really a video shoot for us. Really just a typical Sunday. Beer, friends, BBQ and football, broz. Either way, we had a friggin' blast, as we think you can tell. "The New Beer Song" is a standout cut from our last album, Day In Day Out, which you can cop here. Peace to all the websites and blogs (RefinedHype, Urb, YouHeardThatNew, etc.) that have already shown this clip love, and extra shouts to everyone who came through to the release party last Friday. Cheers!



The Duj


Dujeous feat. Alynn Mags, "F.I.T.S."

You thought we were just gonna drop Day In Day Out and sit back? Nah. New video, new song, but this one's got a special back story.

There is always that moment in New York City: the moment you blend into the crowd and disappear. Then, all of a sudden, you find yourself really belonging in one of the greatest cities on earth. This video is about one of those moments.
A few weeks ago AmandaLynn and Lady Mags, of Few N Far, got invited by Inked magazine to paint a mural and have it featured in their upcoming Art and Design issue. Mags reached out to her NYC connects and found a dope wall at Community 54 on the Lower East Side. These ladies knew it was going to be hot out in NYC, and as soon as they landed, the trip got even hotter: New York City’s illest live hip hop group, Dujeous, partnered with Alynn-Mags, IronLak, Inked and director Tom P to document and soundtrack the experience.

This isn’t just your regular collabo, and this isn’t just your regular graffiti video—this is an original graffiti rap music video, painted, recorded, and cut in New York City.


The Duj 



Thanks so much to all who came out to break bread with us (see above) for the epic DAY IN DAY OUT release party last night. Neil ArmstrongDJ Parler and DJ Concerned for spinning—you guys killed it. Our brother Dave Guy. Colin Brown, Cru Jones and Mobius CollectiveRyan West for fixing the sound (he mixed Day In Day Out too—give the man his propers). Ryan Littman for the videography. Drom for being great hosts. Akir and Jigsaw for the epic intro speech (yall are cray-cray). Peace to Apex's tuner for being broken (Mercury is in retrograde, right?). Everyone we're forgetting. And most of all peace to every single person in that crowd. Love yall.'

Here's a little clip of Dave Guy killing it courtesy of the amazin' Chevon and the Necktie Revolution.  

More video and pictures to come once we get them all together.

Did you guys get to buy Day In Day Out yet? Click here to cop it for just $7.99 on iTunes. 

The Duj


Dujeous featured on!

Things are coming together nicely for the release of Day In Day Out this Tuesday, April 3. just gave us some love for the video for "Spectacular" featuring Sharon Jones (see above). Sweet. Check us out on here, hit "Like"/"Tweet"/"Share" and/or leave a comment. Let 'em know.

This isn't the first time the Duj was featured by XXL though. Last year they named us one of the top 5 hip-hop bands breathing. Check that out here