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This wasn't really a video shoot for us. Really just a typical Sunday. Beer, friends, BBQ and football, broz. Either way, we had a friggin' blast, as we think you can tell. "The New Beer Song" is a standout cut from our last album, Day In Day Out, which you can cop here. Peace to all the websites and blogs (RefinedHype, Urb, YouHeardThatNew, etc.) that have already shown this clip love, and extra shouts to everyone who came through to the release party last Friday. Cheers!



The Duj



Duj & Dujettes,

We're back, and so is CMJ. It's that magical time of year—when hordes of badge-wearing music lovers and drunken industry folk descend upon our fair city in search of the next ish. Luckily, we came prepared. After a brief hiatus from NYC stages, Dujeous is hitting one of Brooklyn's best new clubs, The Paper Box, in East Williamsburg (apparently that's what they're calling Bushwick now), to kill CMJ yet again. And talented fellow rappity rappers Yo Majesty, Clemm Rishad, Rob Roy, Max Burgundy and Gliffics will be in tow as well. Check below for details: 

Tuesday, October 16
w/Yo Majesty, Rob Roy, Clemm Rishad, Max Burgundy and Gliffics
@The Paper Box
17 Meadow St.
b/t Waterbury & Bogart Sts.
Brooklyn, NY 11217
Doors: 7 pm; Dujeous: 8 pm sharp
Cover: $10 adv; $15 door
Directions: L to Graham Ave.

And keep eye out for our next video: "The New Beer Song." Hide your livers. 

The Duj 


Dujeous Celebrates NYC Bike Sharing Program With Show This Thursday!

It's a well known #fact that Dujeous loves things that start with the letter B: beats, beer, BBQs, biddies, budz, Bronson (Charles and Action), Branson, branzino (underrated fish). And of course, bikes. Back when we were wee lads, before fixies or bike lane overlord Janette Sadik-Khan, the Duj was playing chicken with trucks and dollar vans on Flatbush Avenue on the way to a pre-hipster Jacob Riis beach. So of course, we've been super-stoked about all the new dopesauce bike lanes (safety first, bro). And we're even more stoked about the upcoming bike share program in NYC, which is going to put even more people on two wheels. How stoked? So stoked that we're going to be celebrating New York's big bike win with a special performance at a party this Thursday thrown by Transportation Alternatives, the influential nonprofit that helped push the program through. There'll be beer from Brooklyn Brewery, food from Habana Outpost, a slient auction, and something called a bike ballet (we don't know either). Check the details below:

Thursday, August 23
Transportation Alternatives, Sweet N Low & Flavorpill Present:
Celebrate Citi Bike
@ Roulette
509 Atlantic Avenue
Brooklyn, NY 11217
Music by DUJEOUS and DJ Natasha Blank
Beer by Brooklyn Brewery; Food by Habana Outpost
7 pm - 10 pm
Cover: $10

We 'bout that bike life. 

The Duj 


Dujeous feat. Alynn Mags, "F.I.T.S."

You thought we were just gonna drop Day In Day Out and sit back? Nah. New video, new song, but this one's got a special back story.

There is always that moment in New York City: the moment you blend into the crowd and disappear. Then, all of a sudden, you find yourself really belonging in one of the greatest cities on earth. This video is about one of those moments.
A few weeks ago AmandaLynn and Lady Mags, of Few N Far, got invited by Inked magazine to paint a mural and have it featured in their upcoming Art and Design issue. Mags reached out to her NYC connects and found a dope wall at Community 54 on the Lower East Side. These ladies knew it was going to be hot out in NYC, and as soon as they landed, the trip got even hotter: New York City’s illest live hip hop group, Dujeous, partnered with Alynn-Mags, IronLak, Inked and director Tom P to document and soundtrack the experience.

This isn’t just your regular collabo, and this isn’t just your regular graffiti video—this is an original graffiti rap music video, painted, recorded, and cut in New York City.


The Duj 


To Partake...or Not to Partake

-- From the desk of Mas D

Good Green and The The Beer Song...Duj fans should be very familiar with these two titles. Even if you don't indulge in weed or booze,  you can enjoy the musicianship and levity of the lyrics. But did you know that the subject matter is of great relevance in our present political climate? Word!
Prohibition of alcohol in the United States ended in the late 1920s - early '30s. Federally, marijuana is still illegal. It has been proven that the adverse health effects (including death) of alcohol consumption far outweigh those of marijuana. Yet the current presidential administration has of late, been cracking down on marijuana producers, businesses and health care providers that are in compliance with their respective state's laws. The administration does so in accordance with an anachronous and injudicious federal law, and the policies of the failed "War on Drugs".
Why? Though there are many possible motives, in our experience investigating injustice in this country, it is usually prudent to consider following the dollars. Many industries profit from the illegal status of marijuana ... the prison industrialist corporations, pharmaceutical companies, mental health and addiction counseling services, alcohol producers and the entertainment industry, law enforcement, and criminal enterprises ... to name six or seven.
Several polls state that the substantial majority of Americans support the legalization of at least, medicinal marijuana, and state's rights as they pertain to marijuana in general. But as our government has proven itself time and time again, to be beholden to big business, is it any wonder that the law of the land has been slow to reflect the will of the people?

Here's a link that describes some of what we're talking about.

We don't mean to get all political on you (or maybe we do?), and we certainly don't have all the answers to fixing the problem, but as you enjoy our tunes, we encourage you to take some time to think about what's going on around you, and to do what you can to hold our elected officials responsible for representing your interests. Take it light, Y'all!


The Duj