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One day, we'll all be holograms.

If there's one thing that The Duj takes pride in, it's the strength of our live performance. But what will happen when we can't perform anymore? When we're old & grey senior citizens sitting on the stoop (of our mansion, no doubt), how will the kids know what it was like to experience a Dujeous show live? When we're six feet under the earth, or sprinkled off the shore of Manhattan, dust in the wind and all that, how will we be remembered? Through holograms... that's how.

Last night at Coachella, Snoop & Dre made an already classic performance even crazier by resurrecting Tupac in holographic form for a special guest appearance. Didn't believe Makaveli was coming back, huh?

One of these days, we'll all be holograms. The future is now.

Duj Out.


More Love for "Day In Day Out" 

If you've been following us on Twitter or on Facebook, you already know about some of these. But we like sharing good news—sue us. Dujeous and "Pro Choice," our collabo with John Legend from Day In Day Out, got some awesome shine on Okayplayer recently. It's one of the reasons that the Soundcloud page for the album has over 20,000 plays! Check the review below:

Okayplayer is proud to host this collaboration between John Legend and Dujeous (that OTHER legendary live hip-hop band!) mixing it up and sorting out a “war of choice” of a very different kind (listen to the lyrics). As you might expect “Pro Choice” is an ill combination, with Legend’s falsetto setting off the evil groove of funk/rock foundation and alternating verses that keep you listening to the end, like a much grimier verison of “Two Princes.” I’m not sure why I picked that photo except that something about this groove just kinda sounds like, Yippy-kay-yay, motherf*ckers. Dujeous’ LP Day In Day Out is out now.

Having the Roots' site call us "that other legendary live band" is awesome to say the least. Also awesome is the pic of John and his wifey OKP used. Click here to check out the post.

We were also blown away the Twitter commentary on Day In Day Out from legendary journalist, activist and WBAI radio host Harry Allen, who any hip-hop head worth his salt will recognize as Public Enemy's one-time "media assassin." 

Blown away and flattered. (And Apex played the piano, by the way).

There's been a whole lot of other great reviews and posts around. Peace to Soulculture, The Neckie Revolution, RapReviews, Limité Magazine and all the other people giving love who we're forgetting.





We can't help it. Folks sent us more pics and video from our amazing party celebrating the release of Day In Day Out last week. Who are we to keep them all to ourselves? Above, check out Samm Wilson's dope clip of us performing "Mishap," a highlight of our new album Day In Day Out (available now on iTunes in case you didn't know). Below, there's a gang of photos from Immortal Technique producer Southpaw. Enjoy—we certainly are.

The Duj






In case you missed it, "I Witness," a standout cut from Dujeous' Day In Day Out has been getting an ish-ton of love online. HipHopDX posted it here, garnering a 4.5 rating out of 5, over 1000 plays, 88 FB likes and a whole bunch of tweets and retweets. showed love as well, with this dope review: 

If rap is, as Chuck D, famously claimed, the “black CNN,” then you can consider Dujeous a crack team of investigative journalists. On a new single off their next street album, the Booth-approved crew hook up with underground stalwart Immortal Technique for an I Witness report on the situation in the streets. Over the crew’s own hard-hitting production, driven by bell arpeggios and clattering percussion, rappers Mojo the CinematicRheturik and Mas D reveal what other news outlets have been keeping under wraps. In addition to the expected horrors—kids selling crack, pervasive, cop-inflicted violence…—Immortal Tech evokes subtler forms of oppression: “After they evacuated people sloppily, they asked realtors to invest in the property / The rebirth of Manifest Destiny in the South, stack chips while they trained to drag dead bodies out.” The solution? “It’s time to react, create strategic acts of vengeance.” Has this bracing, politically-charged banger got you fired up and ready to retake the streets? That’s what I like to hear. But be sure to include a trip to the local record store on your itinerary; Dujeous’ latest LP,Day In Day Out, was independently released yesterday, April 3.

Awesome. What do you guys think of "I Witness"? Let us know in the comments below.


The Duj 


Pics From DIDO Release Party

More reminders of an epic night at DROM last Tuesday courtesy of Samm Wilson.

See more here:

The Duj